3 Smart Tips to Buy Sofa Fabric

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Buy Sofa Fabric

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Sofa is the central piece of furniture in your home. A piece that highlights the family space. A space to ease conflict and restore happiness. If the sofa is the dominant interior piece, then the fabric should be important! Understand the utility of a sofa, when you buy sofa fabric.  

Here are 3 smart tips to help you buy sofa fabric to transcend your house to an ideal home. 

TIP #1: Buy cotton, Suede, and Vegan leather for washing and dry cleaning. 


A sofa is a piece that every family prefers to have. So, the selection of the fabric becomes equally important.  If the family has heavy footfall and also has kids or pets, Fabio advises you to go with dark, cotton, and easily washable fabrics. Moreover, sofa fabrics such as Suede, cotton, velvet, Vegan, and art leather are perfect for cleaning and wiping out dust mites, allergens, bacteria, and trash.

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TIP #2: Buy Art leather or leather and suede combination for durability. 

The durability of sofa fabric is a major aspect when choosing one, but don’t worry! We have it sorted.  To check the durability, use the double rub method.  A method that helps you buy sofa fabric without a speck of doubt. This test will give you an idea of fabric abrasion in long run. Fabric abrasion plays a critical role in longevity and glam, so cotton, art leather, vegan leather, and suede are fabrics that do not wear and tear for years.

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TIP #3: Buy leather, printed fabric, or cotton for creating style. 

Style and functionality are big considerations when you buy sofa fabric. Sofas come in different shapes and sizes such as sofa beds, vintage, recliners, chesterfield, and love seats. The fabrics such as velvet, art leather, printed material, and cotton add spark to the space. Moreover, some printed fabrics add a contemporary touch to your desired space. 

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Final word

A sofa is used for family get-togethers, sleeping, lounging, breastfeeding, or just hanging around.  Every aspect requires a different fabric that suits the cause. Find you need and pick the right fabric with Fabio

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