Definitive guide: How to buy furniture fabric

Furniture Fabric
buy furniture fabric

Buy furniture fabric

Use these simple hacks to buy furniture fabric.

Let this not surprise you!  When you buy furniture fabric, you are actually refurbishing your home. Fabio agrees with the fact, that choosing the perfect fabric for furniture is flat-out tiring. Especially when you aren’t backed with a guide. But we have got your back, so make sure to select under these two broad categories: Utility performance and Visual performance.

Both aspects are crucial because there are pieces like Dewan or beds that require strong and resistant fabric.  As it wears and tears quite frequently. On the other hand, spaces like guest rooms or dining rooms require easily manageable fabric. Every room and space in the home has its peculiar significance. The way you highlight the character elements tells your dream story.

So, here we are to give you a definitive guide on how to buy furniture fabric-

Utility– While buying fabric for upholstered furniture allow your practical needs to take the lead. Consider the aspect of traffic at home. Is your home often tramped with kids and pets? If so, consider fabrics such as vegan leather, leather, cotton, suede, and printed fabrics that can withstand a thorough brush down. Restorations are highly expensive and exhausting, hence use washable fabric for dining spaces and kids’ rooms. Avoid using satin and silky fabric in Diwans, sofas, and chairs as it will be a headache from, a utility point of view. Remember, the fabric can add quirk and character if chosen wisely.

buy furniture fabric


Durability– Think long-term when you think of durability. Some fabrics like bedcovers and pillow covers can be changed frequently. But you can’t change tightly-upholstered fabric from your bed head or like. If you’ve used white leather on your kid’s bed, imagine the amount of pain you’ll endure if the kid runs erratic and tear the leather apart. Fabrics such as cotton, leather, and art leather are perfect solutions to your confusion.

buy furniture fabric

Character and colors.

Suede, printed fabric, and art leather are fabrics that check the box of purpose and colors when choosing fabric for indoor and outdoor furniture pieces. Moreover, the color reflects your mood and values. Add life to your furniture with colors that enhance and brighten the space.

buy furniture fabric

With us by your side, your fabric selection will be a process to relish!

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